Season Passes


2018 Calaway Park Season Passes require at home activation. Click the button below to activate your Season Pass!


2018 Season Passes can be purchased at Calaway Park’s Guest Service office for $115.95+GST per pass.

Not sure if you activated your Season Pass? Click here!

What can I expect when purchasing my Season Pass online?

If purchasing online please anticipate 12-15 business days for processing. Remember to double check your address before submitting your order. When ordering please include the address you would like the passes to be mailed to, not the address of the purchaser (if different).

Season Passes can be activated once they are received in the mail. Remember to activate your Season Passes right away.

*Please note: Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted for online purchases. American Express and Visa-Debit cards are not accepting online.

When are Season Passes Available at Co-op?

Season Passes can be purchased from any Calgary Co-op location from April 15th to May 22nd, 2018 for $47.95+GST per pass!

  1. You receive your Season Pass at the time of purchase!
  2. You can pay by cash, debit or credit card!
  3. 24 convenient locations in the Calgary area to serve you (Customer Service Desk)!

For your convenience they are also available online from March 11th to May 22nd, 2018 for only $47.95+GST per pass.

When and where can 2018 Season Passes be purchased?

Christmas Sale
Online and at any Calgary Co-op: November 5th, 2017 to January 1st, 2018
Season Passes will be $41.95+GST each – that’s a savings of 63% per pass!

Activate your Season Pass before February 10th to receive Spring coupons! See below for more information.

Spring Sales
Online: March 11th to May 22nd, 2018
Calgary Co-op: April 15th to May 22nd, 2018
Season Passes will be $47.95+GST each – that’s a savings of 58% per pass!

We suggest you purchase your Season Passes early to avoid missing out on these great deals! Season Pass sale pricing will not be extended once the sale is over. We strongly believe that consistency is important for all of our guests – purchase requests after a sale has finished will not be considered. Regular price for a 2018 Season Passes is $115.95+GST each.

What can I use my Season Pass for?

Each Season Pass includes admission, unlimited rides, attractions, live entertainment, Cinemagic 3D, and free parking for any day in our 2018 operating season.

Will I be receiving any special discounts for Calaway Park as a Season Pass holder?

Yes. You will be receiving $24+GST discount admission coupons for family and friends throughout the season.

Our coupon deadlines are:

  • Activate by February 10th to receive all guest coupons – including Spring
  • Activate by June 15th to receive July, August and Fall coupons
  • Activate by July 10th to receive August and Fall coupons
  • Activate by August 10th to receive Fall coupons

Please note: Calaway Park Season Pass coupons are not for sale or trade. The sale or trade of these coupons jeopardizes the future of this program.

If my child is two years or younger does he/she require a Season Pass?

Children 2 years old and younger (born after September 30th, 2015) do not require a 2018 Season Pass.

Are the Season Passes Transferable?

Season Passes are transferable until activated. Once a Calaway Park Season Pass has been activated it is non-transferable. Photo ID is required at the admissions gates for admission. Checks are conducted throughout the season to ensure proper use of the passes.

Card use is for the person whose name appears on our online registration. Our non-transferable policy allows Calaway Park to keep our Season Pass at its affordable price and excellent value for fun family entertainment!

Is there a Family Season Pass?

No. All Season Pass holders require an individual Season Pass. Children 2 years old and younger (born after September 30th, 2015) do not require a Season Pass.

Is there a non-rider Season Pass?

Calaway Park does not have a non-rider Season Pass. Admission and rides are an inclusive cost and cannot be distinguished by an individual price. For the value of a Season Pass, guests also receive stage shows, street entertainment, the 3D theatre and the ambience of the park for 100 operating days between May and October.

What happens if my Season Pass is lost or stolen?

Lost (activated): Season Passes can be replaced on your next visit to Calaway Park for a cost of $15.00 per replacement pass. Please visit Guest Services to have your pass(es) replaced. A replacement Season Passes will only be issued if the lost card has been activated.

Lost (Non-activated):  Only passes that have been activated will be replaced. If a card has not been activated, a new Season Pass can be purchased for the current Season Pass price.

Stolen (Activated): Immediately contact Calaway Parks Guest Services at (403) 240-3822 ext. 3 to report your stolen Season Passes. To have the stolen pass replaced, we ask you to provide Calaway Park with a copy of the police report record of the theft when replacing the passes. If a police record is presented, Calaway Park will replace the Season Pass free of charge. A replacement Season Passes will only be issued is the lost card has been activated. Non-activate lost cards will not be replaced.

Stolen (Non-Activated): Only passes that have been activated will be replaced. If a card has not been activated, a new Season Pass can be purchased for the current Season Pass price.

Change Of Address:

If you have moved, we need to know so we can continue to send you special offers and coupons. Please come to the Guest Service office on your next visit or e-mail us at We do not change addresses over the phone.

What happens if I forget my Season Pass?

If your Season Pass is forgotten, visit Guest Services to verify your identity and you will be admitted one time. If forgotten a second time a replacement card must be purchased for $15.00.

If I have further questions, who can I call?

If your question regarding Season Passes has not been answered above, you may leave a message on Calaway Park’s Season Pass Inquiry Line at (403) 685-6138 and someone will get back to you within two business days. You may also contact us by email at

If you require immediate assistance during regular business hours (Monday- Friday, 8:30am- 5:00pm), contact Guest Services at (403) 240-3822 ext. 0.

Disclaimer – The holder of a valid ticket by entering Calaway Park agrees that Calaway Park and Calalta Amusement Limited shall not be liable in negligence or other tort or contract by statue for any other claim or damages howsoever arising. The patron of this ticket must follow all rules and regulations outlined in the Calaway Park Passport and on the Calaway Park website. The license granted by this ticket may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the owner or operator. All rides, shows and attractions subject to ride/show availability and/or height restrictions. Games, merchandise and food are not included.

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