245033 Range Road 33
Calgary, AB T3Z 2E9

(403) 240-3822


With 20 games to play at Calaway Park there is a game for everyone!

Drop Zone! Our new game is a fun and interactive win every time game. Other win every time games include, Lucky Duck and Dragon Drop and of course a crowd favorite... Fried Frogs!

Feeling more competitive? Try one of our race games! Challenge your family to see who can win the race the fastest. These games include Water Gun Fun, Wac-a-Mole, Roll-a-Ball and Stinky Feet!

We also have traditional toss games such as Milk Can Toss, Catrack, and Tin Can Alley. Impress your family with your throwing skills!

Nothing but net! Check out our new and improved Shoot the Hoop to win a fun prize! Kids can win every time! Located across from Ocean Motion, this game is for the skilled basketball player. Don’t worry through because we have a kid size hoop as well.

There is a game for every member of your family at Calaway Park.

Please note: For physical distancing, only individuals fishing at the Trout Pond (one parent can be with a child) will be allowed on the dock at this time. There can be 12 people fishing at one time with a maximum of 18 individuals on the dock. *Subject to change.

Due to the overnight temperatures, the Twiz and Twirl Maze is now closed for the season.