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Build Your Own Amusement Park Ride Contest!

Here is an opportunity to let your imagination soar! Introducing the Build Your Own Amusement Park Ride Contest where you get to engineer an amusement park ride. To enter this contest, you need to create a model of an amusement park ride using recycled household materials (ie. paper towel rolls) or found-at-home items (ie. LEGO bricks). All entries must be original creations and not built from a designed kit. The first rule of all amusement park rides is safety so please ensure your parents or guardians are present during the construction process. So, what amusement park ride have you been dreaming of? Roller coaster, swing ride, drop tower, log ride? Create a plan, collect your materials, and start building! Oh and don’t forget to name your ride!

Once your ride is created, use the online submission form below to enter. All entries must be received by March 26th, 2021. A grand prize of 4 one-day tickets to Calaway Park and an amusement park ride design kit will be awarded.

Grade 4 students, this is a great opportunity to use some of the simple machines that you have been learning about including incline planes, gears and pulleys!

We can’t wait to see your creations! Good luck!

    Email addresses will be used to contact winners of the contest.

    It may take a few moments for the form to submit. Please click on the send button only once.

    If you are unable to submit your entry via the online submission form, please email your entry to calaway@calawaypark.com.

    Calaway Park is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 7pm until June 23. Starting June 27, Calaway Park is open daily until September 2. Come have a weekend adventure with us!