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Season Pass Exchange

2020 Season Pass Exchange Program

Activated 2020 Season Passes can now be exchanged for 2021 Season Passes. We understand that some families may choose not to visit us this season due to COVID-19. We look forward to seeing your family in 2021. To exchange your 2020 Season Passes for 2021 Season Passes, please complete the form below by June 15th, 2020 to submit your request. Please submit one form per household with the same mailing address (you can submit up to 10 Season Passes per form).

All Season Passes must be activated before completing your exchange request using the following form. Please visit our activation page to activate your Season Passes before submitting your 2020 Season Pass exchange request.

Step 1: Contact Information
Contact information will be used in the event Calaway Park has a question about your exchange request and to provide further information on the 2020 Season Pass exchange program.


Step 2: 2020 Season Pass Information
Activated 2020 Season Pass information provided below must match the first and last name that was provided upon activation. 2021 Season Passes will be issued under the specific first and last name provided on this form. 2020 and 2021 Season Passes are non-transferable.


(Number under barcode)
(4 digit code)

Step 3: 2020 Season Pass Photo Submission
Once you have verified the information listed above is correct, please attached a photo of your 2020 Season Pass cards cut in half. The barcode for each Season Pass must be visible in the photo. If you are unable to attach a photo, your 2020 Season Passes can be mailed back to Calaway Park. Further information about where to mail your Season Passes will be provided via email once this form is submitted.

By submitting this request, I understand that my 2020 Season Passes, as stated above, will be exchanged for 2021 Season Passes. As per this request, my 2020 Season Passes are not valid for admission to Calaway Park for the 2020 season. I agree that all information listed above is correct and the Season Pass exchange is subject to verification by Calaway Park. It is understood that Calaway Park holds the right to refuse Season Pass exchange requests if the information provided above is incorrect, incomplete, or fraudulent. Please contact us at seasonpass@calawaypark.com if you have any questions about these terms and conditions.

It may take a few moments for the form to submit. Please click on the send button only once.