Scholarship Program

At Calaway Park, we are committed to the development of our employees and recognize the impact both education and work experience has in shaping the future of our youth. Calaway Park actively supports employees by rewarding up to 25 high performers with a scholarship to assist them in achieving their educational goals.

To be eligible for a scholarship, employees must:

  • Start working by July 1st and work through the Thanksgiving weekend, unless attending school out of town (proof of registration is required). To be considered out-of-town, the school must be located at least 325 km from Calgary. The employee may leave no earlier than one week prior to their school start date.
  • Be available to work at least 35 hours per week in July and August and a minimum of 5 shifts during fall operation.
  • Take no more than 7 consecutive days off (including vacation and regular days off), with no more than 10 requested days off in total throughout the season (excluding regular days off each week).
  • Meet all scheduled shifts with a maximum of three lates.
  • Be successful in their department recognition program, fulfilling their job requirements and practicing the Calaway Park Climate Goals. They must have a clean record with no safety violations or official reprimands.

Interested employees must complete a scholarship application form including a 500-word essay on why they should be chosen to receive a scholarship. All applications must be submitted by August 10th of the current season.

Scholarship Sponsorship Program

Calaway Park takes great pride in our relationship with the sponsors and suppliers who work with us every year and want to recognize the sponsors who have contributed to this worthwhile program by sponsoring an employee scholarship.


Human Resources Contact Information

245033 Range Road 33
Calgary, AB T3Z 2E9

Phone: (403) 685-6104
Fax: (403) 242-3885
E-mail Human Resources

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